Life’s Little Things

Over here at Equally Creative, we find ourselves often contemplating and wondering if what we do makes a difference. We know so many people who are just stuck in the rat race, even now, as the COVID pandemic continues in full force.

So what do we do to make sense of the world? What can we do to make a difference? We’ve donated masks, donated food and funds as we could afford. But what if we could do more?

Social media, whether you love it or hate it, has good and bad effects on your health and well being. As I too am addicted to seeing friends and family post pics and updates of their lives, all too often I see hate spewing about. Much of the time my mental health is in check and I scroll on by. Occasionally though, I have decided to snooze or unfollow. These people have their own battles that I cannot judge. If we are friends on Facebook, I found some value in you as a human and I will continue to value your worth.

As I contemplate my own posts and actions, I repeatedly return to thoughts of authenticity. If you’ve ever read The Four Agreements, you’ll know being authentic is one of the agreements you should make with yourself. Are your actions congruent with your true beliefs? It is so easy to get caught in the social media frenzies and share pictures, memes, and posts. We use humor to deflect the seriousness of the situation or political content to show distaste or support.

One half of the “Equally Creative” team is a school teacher. (Me, it’s Nicole here). I try hard to be politically correct and as ‘safe’ as possible in my postings. I’m sure there’s some stuff somewhere that could be misconstrued as not so socially acceptable. My point here is that I have for so long taken my public persona so seriously because at my core, I am and always will be, a teacher. My authenticity is always being checked. I frequently ask myself if this post is in line with what I believe? Is it how I want others to judge me? Does this comment or statement represent who I am? As a teacher and leader, do I want my coworkers to think this is what drives me?

As a result of my questioning, “Can I do more to make a difference?” I am reminded that treating others with respect and throwing kindness like confetti is my authentic self. What if more people were kinder to one another? What if you offered a kind hello or a good morning smile on your way into work or school? Can I do more? Absolutely, I can teach my kids how to love unconditionally and forgive mercilessly.

So, I’ll leave you today with the question, “What can you do more of to see change in the world?”

Drop a comment below and tell us how you are making your piece of the world a better place.

Cyber Hugs from The Equally Creative Living team ❤️