Self Care Comes in ALL Forms

Self care isn’t always pedicures and bubble baths. Sometimes it’s meditation, exercise, eating a salad or eating ice cream without shame, and for me it’s all of these and nurturing my creative side. The more I create, the more authentic I feel.

Don’t you just love when you listen to your body, mind, and soul? In this current pandemic situation my afternoons have become a mixture of silent escape, personal and virtual connection. I’ve been crafting with friends via Zoom and creating connection with my soon to be 13 year old. I’ve been sharing one of my creative outlets with her since it’s an area we have in common. K is amazing with drawing and creativity and this has added a layer to her abilities. She even gives me permission to buy it ALL! LOL

Here’s tonight’s creative results. How do you nourish yourself? Do you make YOU a priority? Are you too busy caring for others that you forget to feed yourself? Then I’m talking to you! You cannot share positivity if your bucket is empty. Love yourself so you can truly love others. Oh, and wear your mask!

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