Balance…. Everyone’s Struggle



Do you struggle with BALANCE?  Do you take on more than you should? Do you suffer from high blood pressure, stress headaches or anxiety? I know I do at times!  Many Americans struggle with stress from the daily rat race in order to continue paying for nice things.  I am not immune to this struggle and this post is not necessarily about stopping or downsizing.  This post is about making an effort to live a less-stress life in a purposeful premeditated way. It is an effort to get you to stop for a moment and see where you can make time to smell the roses.

“To keep up with this roadrunner form of living, we don’t think twice before putting self-care on the back burner. More often than not, it takes a wake-up call to notice the toll this kind of lifestyle takes on our lives.”


Self-Care is a hot topic these days, but do you know what it truly means?  Of course it means doing something fun that feels good right? Living in Louisiana, many feel this means bar hopping, large meals, or an overindulgence in sweets. While fun and delicious, this is not necessarily considered self-care.  According to The Law of Attraction website, “not everything that feels good is self-care.”

“The difference between unhealthy coping mechanisms and self-care activities is that the latter is uncontroversially good for you. When practiced correctly, self-care has long-term benefit for the mind, the body, or both”

One thing I found interesting while researching the “why” practice self-care, to create and honor and give yourself  “self-compassion.”  It is necessary for our body, mind and spirit to recognize when these areas need attention so we can prevent burnout.  There are so many ways we can work on self-care and as long as it is a healthy form, it is bound to leave you feeling healthier, more refreshed, motivated to continue the race and who knows, maybe even a bit smarter.

Of course my number one self-care go to is RUNNING.  For me, running gives me energy, wakes me up, helps keep my weight down and counteracts a tiny bit of unhealthy choices along the way.  What can you do when your go to is not a choice for whatever reason?  I’ve been so busy finishing grad school that running has not been possible.  Here are a couple of self-care practices I have incorporated into my own routine to ensure I stay sane and balanced (as much as I can be, lol).  I drink 2oz of Ningxia Red daily!  I use daily vitamins and supplements to balance out my often unhealthy food choices.  I make and use amazing bath bombs to ‘take 5’ and relax.  I diffuse Stress-Away or Lavender to help my body unwind and relax before bed.  You can do this too!

Here are some great posts about self care and ways to aid in physical and mental care.

Here is the article on the importance of self-care

Here is a great blog post by Young Living on how to incorporate oils into your self-care routine.

Here is one from The Law of Attraction, Check out the top 5 benefits!

Here is a great pin with 50 ideas for self-care!  Make self-care part of your life daily!

50 Self-Care Ideas

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