They’re Here!!!! New Young Living Products!!!! and Football?!?!

Are You Ready for Tailgating Season? (I swear it’s right around the corner)

That’s right!  I am gearing up for a pre-game make-n-take tailgate party!  Is it August yet?  I’m ready for some college games right now!

I am talking of course about our “house-divided” teams the LSU Tigers and the ever so amazing UF Gators.  We will be preparing a Tiger Pride roll-on and a Gator Nation roll-on perfect for supporting your team and prompting you to cheer loudly.  Check out these new roller bottles I have just for the occasion! Check back for the date to be posted in our upcoming classes.

Who Loves New Products?!

Our convention products are here and I am beyond excited to break into this box!  I am ready for some darker shades of lipstick and of course the beneficial mascara!  Did I mention there is now a Kabuki brush!!!!!  I can’t wait to test it out with the matte finish veil powder 🙂  Since I am impatient, we are going to unbox tonight so I can play!!!!!  Of course there is more than just make-up, but I am pretty and girlie, lol!  Join me tonight at 6pm on Facebook!  I’ll be coming to you live from CCs Coffee on Ambassador Caffery Parkway.  Join me in person if you want to see and touch, or check us out on Equally Creative Living on Facebook!IMG_2867

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