World’s Greatest by Paper Pumpkin

Lately, it’s become especially clear who the everyday heroes are—they’ve always surrounded us! Teachers, doctors, hairdressers, nurses, delivery workers, cashiers, and even our friends, kids, and family members go above and beyond to enrich our lives. These people are truly the world’s greatest at what they do! Need a safe way to celebrate your hero? Check out the August Paper Pumpkin!

Need Inspiration?

Celebrate and appreciate the everyday heroes in your life with the August Paper Pumpkin Kit. The cards included in this kit are specifically designed for celebrating life’s champions! Get yours here!

  • Kit contains enough supplies to create nine cards and coordinating envelopes.
  • Card size: 4-1/4” x 5-1/2” (10.8 x 14 cm)
  • Envelope size: 4-1/2” x 5-3/4” (11.4 x 14.6 cm)
  • Coordinating Colors: Bumblebee, gold, Mint Macaron, Pacific Point, Soft Suede, white
  • The kit’s stamp set includes Distinktive stamps

Subscribe to the August 2020 Paper Pumpkin Kit from NOW until August 10, 2020.

Note: Supplies may be limited toward the end of the subscription period.

Summer Nights

Box of Sunshine - June Paper Pumpkin

Summer Nights are coming to a close get yours now!

Kit contains enough supplies to create nine postcards and coordinating envelopes, as well as nine die-cut tealight bags. I can’t wait to use my tealight bags on our next camping trip!

  • Card size: 4” x 5-1/4” (10.2 x 13.3 cm)
  • Envelope size: 4-1/2” x 5-3/4” (11.4 x 14.6 cm)

Coordinating Colors: Blackberry Bliss, Calypso Coral, Costal Cabana, Night of Navy

Get yours HERE!

Box of Sunshine shareable image

Bonus Days are Here!

Do you like saving money while you shop for things you’d ‘like” to have? Well, here’s your chance! Stampin’ Up is having their Bonus Days promotion and I have sweetened the deal just a bit! When you shop for products using my host code, you will earn $5 for every $50 you spend in products.

As an added bonus, when you shop through my website, I’ll extend the same rewards to you. Want to sign up for a class and get the “credit” toward your $50 product credit???? Done! I have two amazing classes coming up that we will be using Zoom to create together safely. You will receive a private zoom invite when you register for one of my classes. If you have NEVER stamped before, my Simply Citrus class is going to be perfect to get a feel for the products without breaking the bank. Add a few inks or accessories and you reach that $50 threshold to receive $5 free in August.

Are you a novice but interested in more than just a ‘kit’ class, then my Jar of Flowers class is perfect for you! By purchasing the class plus the bundle, you’ll have met the magic number! Want more?! Add a few inks and some embellishments….The $5 is unlimited! For every $50, you will receive a $5 off code for use in August! Do not lose these emails, they do not get resent.

Head on over to our Creative Classes and Sign up today to earn Bonus Dollars!

Self Care Comes in ALL Forms

Self care isn’t always pedicures and bubble baths. Sometimes it’s meditation, exercise, eating a salad or eating ice cream without shame, and for me it’s all of these and nurturing my creative side. The more I create, the more authentic I feel.

Don’t you just love when you listen to your body, mind, and soul? In this current pandemic situation my afternoons have become a mixture of silent escape, personal and virtual connection. I’ve been crafting with friends via Zoom and creating connection with my soon to be 13 year old. I’ve been sharing one of my creative outlets with her since it’s an area we have in common. K is amazing with drawing and creativity and this has added a layer to her abilities. She even gives me permission to buy it ALL! LOL

Here’s tonight’s creative results. How do you nourish yourself? Do you make YOU a priority? Are you too busy caring for others that you forget to feed yourself? Then I’m talking to you! You cannot share positivity if your bucket is empty. Love yourself so you can truly love others. Oh, and wear your mask!

Virtual Demo Facebook Live!

Join me to learn a technique or two! I’ll be practicing my Facebook live video skills while showing you some simple techniques. I’m not ready to host large groups or join them but I am still crafting and love to have others join me! Stay Tuned for other virtual tutorials and projects! Never stamped before? This is your chance to see some easy ways to begin creating simple greeting cards for your friends and family. I can’t wait to see you!

Balance…. Everyone’s Struggle



Do you struggle with BALANCE?  Do you take on more than you should? Do you suffer from high blood pressure, stress headaches or anxiety? I know I do at times!  Many Americans struggle with stress from the daily rat race in order to continue paying for nice things.  I am not immune to this struggle and this post is not necessarily about stopping or downsizing.  This post is about making an effort to live a less-stress life in a purposeful premeditated way. It is an effort to get you to stop for a moment and see where you can make time to smell the roses.

“To keep up with this roadrunner form of living, we don’t think twice before putting self-care on the back burner. More often than not, it takes a wake-up call to notice the toll this kind of lifestyle takes on our lives.”


Self-Care is a hot topic these days, but do you know what it truly means?  Of course it means doing something fun that feels good right? Living in Louisiana, many feel this means bar hopping, large meals, or an overindulgence in sweets. While fun and delicious, this is not necessarily considered self-care.  According to The Law of Attraction website, “not everything that feels good is self-care.”

“The difference between unhealthy coping mechanisms and self-care activities is that the latter is uncontroversially good for you. When practiced correctly, self-care has long-term benefit for the mind, the body, or both”

One thing I found interesting while researching the “why” practice self-care, to create and honor and give yourself  “self-compassion.”  It is necessary for our body, mind and spirit to recognize when these areas need attention so we can prevent burnout.  There are so many ways we can work on self-care and as long as it is a healthy form, it is bound to leave you feeling healthier, more refreshed, motivated to continue the race and who knows, maybe even a bit smarter.

Of course my number one self-care go to is RUNNING.  For me, running gives me energy, wakes me up, helps keep my weight down and counteracts a tiny bit of unhealthy choices along the way.  What can you do when your go to is not a choice for whatever reason?  I’ve been so busy finishing grad school that running has not been possible.  Here are a couple of self-care practices I have incorporated into my own routine to ensure I stay sane and balanced (as much as I can be, lol).  I drink 2oz of Ningxia Red daily!  I use daily vitamins and supplements to balance out my often unhealthy food choices.  I make and use amazing bath bombs to ‘take 5’ and relax.  I diffuse Stress-Away or Lavender to help my body unwind and relax before bed.  You can do this too!

Here are some great posts about self care and ways to aid in physical and mental care.

Here is the article on the importance of self-care

Here is a great blog post by Young Living on how to incorporate oils into your self-care routine.

Here is one from The Law of Attraction, Check out the top 5 benefits!

Here is a great pin with 50 ideas for self-care!  Make self-care part of your life daily!

50 Self-Care Ideas

Want to learn more about Essential Oils and how they can help in your self-care journey?  Contact me here or visit this link to order your own oils or become a member and save 24% off retail!

shop or become a member here!

They’re Here!!!! New Young Living Products!!!! and Football?!?!

Are You Ready for Tailgating Season? (I swear it’s right around the corner)

That’s right!  I am gearing up for a pre-game make-n-take tailgate party!  Is it August yet?  I’m ready for some college games right now!

I am talking of course about our “house-divided” teams the LSU Tigers and the ever so amazing UF Gators.  We will be preparing a Tiger Pride roll-on and a Gator Nation roll-on perfect for supporting your team and prompting you to cheer loudly.  Check out these new roller bottles I have just for the occasion! Check back for the date to be posted in our upcoming classes.

Who Loves New Products?!

Our convention products are here and I am beyond excited to break into this box!  I am ready for some darker shades of lipstick and of course the beneficial mascara!  Did I mention there is now a Kabuki brush!!!!!  I can’t wait to test it out with the matte finish veil powder 🙂  Since I am impatient, we are going to unbox tonight so I can play!!!!!  Of course there is more than just make-up, but I am pretty and girlie, lol!  Join me tonight at 6pm on Facebook!  I’ll be coming to you live from CCs Coffee on Ambassador Caffery Parkway.  Join me in person if you want to see and touch, or check us out on Equally Creative Living on Facebook!IMG_2867

Lava Bead Bracelets!

lava bead bracelet

These handmade bracelets are created with lava stone beads and various gemstone beads. Lava beads are porous and perfect for adding your favorite scent or for supporting your bodies systems! Lift your mood, or relieve tension with the addition of essential oils all the while adding a touch of natural beauty to your wrist.